Spring brings lots of rain in DFW area, protect your foundation with good drainage.

Why is drainage so important in the DFW area?

The Dallas Fort Worth area unfortunately has clay soil, so making sure you have good drainage is very important.  As water ponds around your foundation it soaks into the soil and clay expands putting pressure on anything around it.  You can drive around neighborhoods and see year old fences leaning due to to much moisture.  Now imagine that is your foundation.

What is good drainage?

Depending on what code you go by the numbers change a little.  TREC inspectors go by 6 inches over the first 10 feet.  Other codes are 6 inches over the first 6 feet.  The most important thing to remember is you do not want water ponding withing 6 to 10 feet from your foundation.

drainage swale

Most common problems causing poor drainage.

Water pouring off your roof can move a lot of dirt.   If you have gutters the downspouts terminating close to your house can move a lot of dirt by your foundation as well.  Many older houses were built without concern for drainage.   Houses built below the street or alley.

drainage holedrainage low soil

What can be done about poor drainage?

There are many ways to correct bad drainage.  Starting with the cheaper options:

  • Filling in any holes or low spots within 6 to 10 feet from your foundation.
  • Adding soil where it is low around your foundation where possible .  It is important to keep your soil 4 inches from brick veneer and 6 inches from wood veneer.
  • Adding downspout extenders so water termites at least 3 feet from the foundation.

  • Installing french drains and or drains.  There are many different options with drains an french drains.  Some look like river beds, some just a drain or drains in the ground in the low area(s) and and an exit drain that only allows water out.

drainage drainDrainage french drain

  •  For pier and beam houses sump pumps are a great way to remove unwanted water from the crawlspace.


Remember, a well maintained home is a Happier Home!