January 19, 2017

Residential Inspections

Residential Inspections: 

Residential inspections commonly called the buyer’s inspections are typically contingent on the closing of the sale of a home.   These types of inspections are designed to assure that there are no hidden surprises for the purchaser.

At Happier Home inspections, our inspection is set up as a 3 pass method that allows us to focus on certain aspects of the home in each pass to ensure nothing is missed.

Homes have 100’s of components and we take the time to inspect each system during his passes.  At the end of each inspection, he sits down with the buyers and their agent and provides a slide show of the pictures taken during the inspection.  Most of the pictures showcase items in need of improvement or repair.  Dennis also includes unique or other items the buyer may need or want to know about to help them understand their home’s needs and functions before they purchase their new home.  During the slideshow, Dennis provides ample time to answer questions about what buyers see in the pictures.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any real estate-related expert who doesn’t adamantly suggest that you require an inspection before purchasing a home.

We inspect each home like we are inspecting it for our family.  All inspection exceed state standards set by TREC.   We are going to find deficiencies, but almost all can be repaired.
An inspection is an unbiased, objective report that covers the visible and accessible systems and components of a house including the:

Exterior and Interior Walls
Grading and Drainage
Basements and Crawl Spaces
Windows and Doors
Garages and Carports
HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical
Built-in Appliances.

A thermal scan, gas and sprinklers are included in each residential inspection,.  Most inspection companies charge extra for these services pricing them as add-ons.  Our goal at Happier Home inspections is the give you a great inspection at a great price.