January 24, 2017

New Home 11 Month Warranty Inspection

Warranty Inspections:

Protect your investment – Get a Warranty Inspection

Your new home was a large investment, a 11th Month Builder Warranty Inspection can help you safeguard your investment.

This will be your last opportunity to have your builder perform work on your home and at no cost to you.

New homes come with a one-year warranty provided by the builder which covers defects in workmanship or materials.  A Warranty Inspection provides the opportunity for an independent inspector to document a list of issues for the builder to address before your warranty runs out.  Most defects in new homes are either obvious or hidden.  You may have identified and taken care of the obvious defects already but it’s the hidden defects that can cause significant damage years later.  It is possible you not have discovered those things that may have been forgotten or overlooked during construction.

Issues Often Found
  1. Drainage issues that can lead to structural issues.
  2. Lack of caulking that can lead to significant wood rot.
  3. Exterior openings that can lead to water seeping in or critters getting in the home.
  4. Improper wiring can lead to safety issues.
  5. Insufficient insulation can lead to higher energy bills.
  6. Missing vapor barriers in crawl spaces can lead to bowing floors and possible wood rot.

Over time, hidden defects cause substantial damage and unnecessary expenses to homes.  Unfortunately, many of these problems are often not apparent by simply living in the house.  If you have an inspection performed before the one-year warranty has expired, the builder can repair any defects discovered by the inspection at no cost to you. Documenting potential problems and obtaining repairs during the first year is much simpler than seeking recourse later.

For a small fraction of what you paid for your new home, a professional inspection can pay dividends in peace of mind and in helping to identify and correct minor problems before they can become major ones.

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