January 26, 2017

Home Inspection Videos


Inspection Videos

These are some videos from inspection we have done here at Happier Home Inspections.  We hope you enjoy and learn something from the videos showcased here.


This HVAC is whistling.

Below is a video showcasing a HVAC system that is making a loud whistling sound.  The whistling sound means the system is not sealed correctly or a panel needs to be secured better.  A leaking system allows dust and other particles from the attic to enter into your house.  Along with this you are losing energy which will lead to higher energy bills.

Shingles on new construction are curling.

In the video below I am inspection a new roof.  The roofers installed shingles from a bad patch.  Roofers are paid to do a job, and on a new build they have jobs stacked up one after another so I see this once in awhile.


A very creating electrician or a safety hazard?

While inspecting an old Murray electrical panel it was discovered that Instead of installing a new electrical panel, the electrician had to become creating in order to add the new outlets and switches installed in the home. This created a safety hazard that could end causing an electrical fire.


Why does the ground appear to be sinking?

At an inspection we noticed the ground above the clean-outs by the house leading to the street was sinking.  We may have a drainage leak.

Every homeowner should know how to turn the water off to their house in case of an emergency.  Waiting for a plumber will cause more damage and  costing you more money in repairs.

New homes in Texas are required to have fresh air systems. Many of them have filters that need to be cleaned or changed. The best time to to clean or change them is when you change out your A/C filter.

When should you have your foundation evaluated? Here is a video with a small checklist of wall cracks.