What is a Maintenance Inspection?

A home maintenance inspection is similar to the inspection you would get before buying a home. Except you’re doing the inspection to have the main systems of your home inspected to identify repairs or flag something that may be starting to malfunction. It’s a preventative check-up for your home. An inspector can identify signs of Read more about What is a Maintenance Inspection?[…]

Time To Make Improvements To Your House

When it’s time to remodel or make improvements to your home, you may wonder when you need a building permit. How do you determine which remodels and renovations require permits? Most contractors will know ahead of time, but it’s good for homeowners to have a general understanding of us housing market permits for future renovations. Read more about Time To Make Improvements To Your House[…]

Yard Drainage: How to Identify and Solve Irrigation Issues

Whether it is a miniature mansion or a humble cottage in the woods, your home is probably your biggest investment. Chances are the roof over your head is the biggest single purchase you will ever make, and protecting it is in your best interest. You already know how important it is to maintain the interior Read more about Yard Drainage: How to Identify and Solve Irrigation Issues[…]