January 19, 2017

About Us

Dennis Rodda, owner of Happier Home Inspections, has been working in construction for over 25 years.  While in the Navy he worked did electrical and plumbing repairs on ships.  While in college he roofed for two summers and was an electricians apprentice during another.  While teaching in Wisconsin he finished basements and took on other repair and remodel jobs in his spare time.  He moved to Texas in 2008 and started as a general contractor/handyman.  In 2013 he enrolled at AHIT, a home inspection school, and got his License as a Professional Home Inspector.  Since then Dennis has performed over 1,500 inspections throughout the DFW area, providing thorough inspections that exceed state standards.

Dennis spends his spare time with his family, going on hikes and other outdoor activities.

He served in the Navy during Desert Storm and holds himself to the highest standards.